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If you are looking for a new strategy game then StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty should satisfy your need. It is a remarkable game and has won a lot of awards because it is a real time military science fiction. Just to give you a heads up on what you will find when playing the game, you could think of the popular League of Legends. Although there is not much of military tactics in this game, the battle held between you and your opponent can be rather intriguing, especially if you purchase League of Legends skins. The game, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, was developed and released by the company Blizzard Entertainment and can be played in the following systems: Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. The game was released in 2010 and it is a continuation of the 1998 StarCraft video game.

All the action happens in the 26th century in a very distant part of the Milky Way galaxy. The whole game revolves around three species:

  • The terrans which are humans exiled from Earth.
  • The zerg: they are advanced species which have the ability to assimilate life forms.
  • The protoss: a kind of species which has very strong mental powers.

This second game, the then StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, mainly focuses on the terrans. The action takes place four years after the action in the 1998 StarCraft video game. As a reward for all their hard work the game got very good reviews from the critics, one important critic Metacritic has given 93% out of 100%. The game was praised for all the new features which were introduced, for the fantastic game play and because old characters were kept and new ones were introduced thus giving it the touch on continuation. The sales from this game are incredible, three months after it was launched it was sold in over three million copies.

The plot takes place four years after the war which took place in the first game, the blood war. Since the war the Dominion has been the leader in the Kropulu sector. Now, the reports show that millions of dominions were killed and a lot of money has been spent in order to catch the rebels which are plotting against dominions. Since the Zergs are gone the prottos species is once again in a passive role as far as the galaxy is concerned.  With all of these happening Jim Raynor has formed a secret group called the Raynor’s Raiders which will fight against the powerful and evil Domininions.

So, this is what the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is all about. If you have gotten bored with all your games then you should really try it because it is fun and it will keep you playing for hours and hours. Also, give League of Legends a try as well, if you have not played it before. With the right League of Legends skins, you just can’t lose.

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