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If you are looking for a new game to play than Resistance 3 is the one which you should choose because it has so much to offer. The first version of the games takes us back to an image where people were fighting aliens in a magnificent background, worthy of the Second World War. The game we are talking about is Resistance: Fall of Man, a game which look incredibly good for the period when it was launched, 2006 in the USA. The Resistance: Fall of Man made its way to the top very fast but not because it was an incredible game, because there were not that many great games for PlayStation 3 back then.  So, even though the game was not a hit 4 million copies were sold, a fact which determined the producers to offer a continuation to the game.

When Resistance 2 was launched producers adopted the regenerative life model thus limiting the arsenal which can be carried to only two weapons. This feature was not received with much enthusiasm from the players because they were used to the features from the first Resistance. Because of this not many players bought this game, but that does not mean that it was not a good to excellent game. The first two games were awesome but they were not so good in order to be placed on top on the PlayStation games.

From the events which happened in the Resistance 2 we know that Capelli resigned from his military carrier dedicating himself to its family, his wife Susan and his sun Jack who is only four years old. Unfortunately, the conditions worsen starting with the illness of his sun Jack which forces Capellin to make a pact with Doctor Fyodor Malikov, both of the leaving for New York where they have to deactivate a terraformer which was installed in Chimera on the American continent.

In order to get to the interesting part of the game the player has to go through a lot of boring sequences which are typical for Resistance 1 and 2. Many may think is dull and not interesting and give up because of this part.

For the new and improved Resistance 3 the maximum number of players is 16 adopting a method which is typical for Call of Duty where players have to gain experience in order to move forward in the game, to the next level. This is a very challenging game that will definitely be enjoyed by all types of players. However, if you don’t have a PlayStation but you plan on acquiring one or a similar game console, we advice you to do some research before making your purchase. On, you can find a lot of useful information about the latest gadgets. Once you find the perfect console for you, make sure to also buy some cool games such as Resistance.

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