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Everyone loves this new way of entertaining themselves. Flash games are a constant way of escaping the day to day stresses by offering you a moment of relaxation or of inspiration regardless of the place you find yourself when you play some.

Flash games are mostly played on mobile phones but they are quite common on pc as well. If you want a flash game on your mobile phone you will usually have to pay for it and this might discourage you to get it. However if you want you can get a flash game as a trial game but trial flash games are so short you can’t even figure out what that game is about.

If we’re talking about pc flash games we can present you with two major advantages and another notable one. If you decide to use the pc as a platform from where you will play a flash game you will have one initial major disadvantage if you do not have an internet connection you won’t be able to get the game you want at all but if you do you will usually be presented with the option to download it and play it offline. If you play a flash game on pc you have the advantage over playing it on a mobile phone firstly on the size of the screen and controls then on the opportunity to get information about the game from other people that played it and left a comment and that even voted the game giving it a good grade or a bad one depending on it’s quality. Another major advantage over phone versions is that you do not have to pay for them this s due to the presence of adds on the loading screens of the flash games and because of the presence of donation links for them.

The most interesting games for me in this category are the ones that make you think about the decisions you take and that are challenging overall. A good example would be learning to fly which is a game that presents you with a funny penguin that desires to fly. Here will be where you will come in and help him fly or crash the world by equipping the penguin with kites, planes helicopters rockets, balloons and a slay. In the second game of the series you will also have the option to se explosions to enhance your penguin smash power while he trays to get revenge on the iceberg that stood in his path in the first series when he tried to fly. It is a very funny game which I recommend with warmth.


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