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Nowadays, being a person with a developed sense of humor is a must in order to live your life happily ever after – there’s no wonder why, since more and more of us seem to understand that a happy life is the best to live. But what happens when you are all alone at home? The F in the Fun is brought by the Funny games!

These days, when the right to own a gun is highly debated, the shooting idea is one you could go for only in the shooting games. There’s no wonder why, since no one actually dies in there – you get the illusion of doing it so, but you always get a second chance! So, stick with us and keep reading to get a sneak peek of the highly rated shooting games now online!

Flash games are what we call now “a relevant proof of the progress of technology”. These ones can be played on your computer only if you have installed certain programs in it. The resolution and quality of the games are far better than the traditional ones and thus you get a more special feeling while playing them.

For years now, having such a developed technology at our hands is known for being advantageous – especially for the young ones, our children whom skills are highly improved when being online. Still, since most of our time is filled with boredom, some girl games can easily calm down our children when in need.

There was a stunning poker boom in 2003 and since then, most reputable poker websites have been trying to teach their clients play smart, educated poker. In addition, a tremendous number of forums, dedicated websites and blogs have emerged as an answer to the players’ relentless lookout for valuable information,   Read More ...

The new Star Wars game, the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 has been released recently and we have to say that the second version is without any doubt better than the first one. The first game from the series which is called Star Wars: The Force Unleashed has been   Read More ...

The people from Codemasters’ did it again with this new Formula 1 2011 video game that they designed with such precision and care. As you can imagine from its title, this game is a racing game where you will feel the power of the engine only if you have a   Read More ...

If you are looking for a new game to play than Resistance 3 is the one which you should choose because it has so much to offer. The first version of the games takes us back to an image where people were fighting aliens in a magnificent background, worthy of   Read More ...

The latest version of the beloved Call of Duty series was just launched under the name Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and it is expected to sell at least as good as the last version which sold in more then 1 milliard copies in only 6 weeks from its   Read More ...

A great game which every player should have is A Game of Thrones: Genesis because it has all the elements that make you play for hours and not get bored. This game is like the title of a magazine for naked women, it draws your attention. It draws your attention   Read More ...

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