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It does not matter if you play at land-based casinos or online, you cannot overlook the most colourful and noisy games. You probably already know what the main attraction of any casino is and you are right: slots. Their success is explainable considering that both experienced players and beginners have the opportunity to test their luck because this game does not require special skills or complex strategies. Every other game such as poker and blackjack challenge you to develop a well thought plan, improve your methods and struggle in order to succeed.

On the other hand, Fluffy Too slots or any other slots games function on a perfect system, RNG or Random number generator, which means that the player does not know the winnings they pursue. However, this allows the player to experience the thrill or the adrenaline of the game. Even though you cannot create strategies in order to beat the RNG, you can play smart in order to maximize your odds of winning and make sure that you manage your budget wisely.

Money control

Since we mentioned about your budget, the very first thing you have to do when playing slots is researching pay-outs. Although you cannot discover this information on the casino site, you can navigate on other websites that disclose the pay-out percentages of slot machines. Moreover, you can read various newsletters and speciality magazines. Obviously, in order to increase your chances of winning you have to select the highest percentage. Furthermore, you have to set a financial limit for both winnings and losses. This means that if you are not in your best shape and you keep losing, you should know when to stop and not chase your losses. Even if you are winning, you should not exceed your “double my money” amount. Never play with your winnings.

Play smart

First, avoid machines with the highest jackpots because they will make it harder for you to win but do not be afraid to play the highest denominations because they give rewards that are more attractive. Avoid progressive slots because even though you might have the chance to win higher rewards, they pay out less often. As a beginner, you have to be wise and choose smaller but safer winnings than higher and improbable ones. If you like to take risks, feel free to proceed with the progressives, but make sure that you maintain a realistic attitude. Online casinos provide many bonuses and promotions in order to attract more and more players. Do not miss the cashable ones with low wagering requirements. This will not only increase your winning chances, but also extend the game play.

Slot tournaments

Apart from amazing bonuses, online casinos provide slots tournaments, which are very popular especially among competitive players because it allows them to prove their success and they do not demand an entry fee. Moreover, you have the possibility to look for different tournaments and choose paid ones with a low number of participants. This represents one of the main differences between online and traditional casinos. Participating in tournaments spices up the game and gives you more entertainment for free.

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