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There are a great variety of puzzle games out there but if we think about mathematic games we obviously think about Sudoku.

The sudoku puzzle game can be easily remembered or recognized by the fact that you will see numbers and squares. The dimension of the map is 9×9 squares and it is divided in 3×3 tables that are called regions. The purpose of this entire game is to mark a number from one to nine in each square of the map. Every column, row and region must only contain one instance of the same number. The cool part about this is that each game has a unique solution. This game is mostly played by adults, while children play other mathematics games that are more vividly colored but that require a good knowledge of math. One such game can be the Mathematics Hero which is an educative flash game that will attract your kid to math by combining an adventure with simple math in an epic and rewording visually described tail.  Unfortunately or not, not many people enjoy math so if the want to play a puzzle game they usually go for other types of games.

One of the first puzzle games that were out there for pc was called Supaplex. This game was at it’s time a great graphical improvement compared to other titles of the time. The game was implemented with a command line that made it run faster and faster the better your pc configuration was. This meant that by the time the second generation of home pc’s was out the game was running so fast it was unplayable.  But since this game was like the older and evil brother of the Pac man game which figured a yellow circle figure like main character, while this game presented us with a similar figure only a different color a bright red and it was a lot more balloon like.

The purpose of this puzzle game was to navigate your red balloon trough a mass of green stuff that resembled the green integrate boards of an electronic equipment.  You would have to get all the colored, sparkly, thingies to pass the level wile also watching yourself for all kind of potentially fatal objects like falling marbles scissors and so on and so forth. The game required a great dexterity and an exceptional sharp mind. The game was so loved by the public that on some websites you can still find a working version of the game even for newer versions of windows (the game was designed for DOS). If you would like to find similar games for your iPhone or other smartphone devices, try, a really good source of information and news about everything computer-related.

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