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A great game for puzzle lovers is the Limbo game which was launched last year in July and who gained a lot of popularity since then. The game was developed by a Dutch company called Playdead, this game actually being their first project. Limbo was first launched as a platform only for Xbox Live Arcade but later the company released another version on the game which came in a pack. One year after the Xbox 360 Playdead released Limbo for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation Network.

In the game each player has to guide a boy through an environment full of traps and dangerous monsters, the ultimate goal to this quest is to find his sister. When the company built this game it has in mind only one thing that the player will lose before he can save the sister or find a solution to the problem he is in.

In order to create the horror atmosphere the whole game is in black and white completed with some lighting and film effects. Along with the visual some sounds were added, strange sounds were added in order to complete the eerie assemble.

Overall the games has received a positive review but there were some critics also, such as:

  • The lack of a significant plot and a very strange ending which can draw your attention from the actual game.
  • The price of the game has also been a criticism brought to Limbo. What specialist did not understand is why the game is so expensive when it is so short

Aside from all the criticism brought to the game, limbo was able to be in the top three titles of games for Xbox Live Arcade, a place which is not so easy to reach. The game brought the production company an income of about 7 million dollars.

During the game all you have to do is guide a boy through its journey to find its sister. It is a typical two dimensional platform which means that you have the following command which you can give to the boy: jump, run left or right, climb up or down ladders and push or pull objects. The eerie environment present is the game is a cover up for a lot of traps and is a perfect hiding for a lot of monsters.

This is the well-known game called Limbo which has made a name for itself in the game industry, it has won a lot of titles which is why we hope that you will at least try it.

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