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One of the simplest games that kids can play are card games. I’m going to talk to you now about the Ranter-Go-Round which is an easy game to learn by kids.

The card game Ranter-Go-Round is played with a standard 52 package of cards from which you give out a card to each of the players not less then 4 and as many as you can get to join. Each person will receive a card the higher the better since the person that has the lowest card loses. At the beginning of the series of four matches each player is given four peaces of paper or pennies to use as currency to enter each game and they will be considered lives they will be only lost if you have the lowest card compared with the others else you get to keep yours and use it again for the next match. The person that receives the card can exchange it with the person on it’s left by laying he that he’s not good with the card he got the person on the left being obliged to give him his card unless he has a knight I which case he will sow it to everyone and be able to keep it. However if he is pleased with the card e got he will just say that he’s good with the card he received.

After all the cards have been distributed with their face turned down the players will turn them facing up and the player with the lowest card will lose. The game is won by the person that has at least one life left at the end of the matches the game being played by players till only one remains with lives or a life.

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