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Another game played often by kids is the Euchre card game which is played in two teams of two players. The members of the same team will stay facing each other. The cards used for this game are the cards you can find in a standard 52 pack of cards except the cards that are from 2 to 9. The cards used are the usual cards found in a 24 pack are the 9, 10, J, Q, K, A. in some variants of the game a joker is also used. When playing the Euchre game kids distribute 5 cards to each player that are not always given in pairs of two or three at a time but rather one by one.

This game is played with the selection of a trump. This is selected by the dealer which is selected at random in the beginning of the game and his spot will be taken by other players sitting to his right. Going back to the trump selection as I was saying it is done by the dealer will have for remaining cards the on of the top will be turned face up and the dealer will ask the player to his left if he wants the dealer to pick it up or not then the teammate of that player will be asked if all the players say pas then the dealer can either chose to pick up the card or leave it. However if the card is picked up the color of that card will become trump and that card will be replaced by another discarded card.  If the dealer decides not to pick it up he is free to set up trump as he wishes. Some versions of the game don’t allow the dealer to play the match if they set the trump. So there might be cases where you will see only a team member play against the other two. Also it is possible to se a player say that he plays alone, case in which his teammate will leave his cards on the table faced down.

The highest card from a played had wins if it is from the same color as the leading card or if it is trump. You can only play the same color as the card that led the hand, however if you don’t have that you can continue with any card color you chose including trump. This way points are won every time a team or player manages to get a trick. The Euchre game is won by the team that gathers first 10 points. You will get one point if your team has 3 or 4 tricks if your team has 5 tricks won you win 2 points and if one member of a team has 5 tricks won his team will earn 4 points.


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