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Games that are played by kids this day usually resume to pc games or consecrated sports like basketball soccer and so on but where are all those wonderful games that we used to play as kids? I remember that there was a game we played all day long it was a game that involved an elastic rope and at least three persons. This game used to be very popular among girls but boys played it as well.

The rules were quite simple strap a very elastic cord between two persons legs make sure the rope is tightly connected at both its ends forming a circle. The two persons that were holding the elastic rope were being swapped up with the jumpers whenever they got tired. The game has many variants and you can imagine this since it originates in China.

The original version apparently allows a player to step on the elastic rubber rope and even to touch it with your hand when you’re engaged in the game. The way we did it as kids when we were little was with not such an elastic rubber that was not as elastic as the one that the Chinese used so we had to change the rules just to not break our necks.

So instead of increasing the jumping height to as far as the neck we decided that jumping as far as the knees is good enough to keep it fun. Instead our kid minds came up with this rule we can’t step on the elastic and if we did we had to take a break. The two persons that were holding the elastic were facing each other and starting to keep the elastic at their ankles.

The first jump was done with both legs between the two elastic cords.

The second jump consisted in three jumps one on the left and one on the right both involved having the elastic band between your legs depending on the side you were jumping on and then you had o jump again to place both your legs between the elastic bands.

The third jump was exactly as the second one with the exception of the last part which required you to land with your legs outside the elastic each leg on a side.

The forth jump type required two jumps one on each side of the elastic rubber; this jumps had to be executed in such a manner that on each of them the elastic of the side you were jumping on to be at the same time both on top of a leg and underneath of it.

The jumps would continue to 10 with different combinations of the types I wrote about the difficulty increased by the rise of the elastic and by lowering the gap between the cords and by removing a leg that sustained the elastic.

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