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It goes without saying that the release of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus has caused a lot of frenzy among Apple fans and thousands of enthusiastic consumers have stayed in line, waiting for the new phone. Now that it’s out there, the lucky owners began looking for customization, whether under the form of new ringtones and wallpapers or themes or by looking for cool new games to play on their new devices. The new iPhone is definitely a significant investment, reason for which many individuals buy it at subscription prices from different carriers and then resort to an unlock iPhone service, so not many people are left with plenty of money to spend on games, but below you will be able to read about some of the coolest games for iPhone that you can get for free.


Whether you like arcade games or multi player strategy games, there is nothing you cannot find for your iPhone. However, you need to be careful where you download your free games from, as you don’t want to damage your brand new phone in any way. It’s the same as with the unlock iPhone service, you want to resort to the most reliable provider and make sure nothing harms the software or the iOS. For puzzle lovers, ON/OFF is a cool combination of Rubik’s Cube and sliding puzzle. Word Forward is another great game that you can play for free. You get a selection of letters at each level and you have to drag out words in remove the lot. If you are more into arcade games, then you should definitely try Ninjaman, developed by Poppy, a one-thumb game that can get really addictive. Dots is another popular game that you can play without paying. Although there are power ups available for purchase, you can play this game against your own scores and have fun for free. It’s easy and fun and a great game to play in a waiting room.


If you like strategy games, don’t hesitate to download Sky Force 2014. It’s beautifully designed and has impressive environments, not to mention addictive gameplay. New Star Soccer is a game for football or soccer fans and it’s a perfect game for mobile play. On the other hand, so is FIFA 14, which surprisingly gives players free access to a large amount of content. There are many, many more games that you can play free of charge on your new iPhone, so make sure you research the market thoroughly, as there is also plenty of information on this topic online. However, you should also be attentive from where you download the games, as mentioned previously. This is valid for all actions you intend with your new iPhone, whether it’s an unlock iPhone service, a jailbreak or anything else. Whatever you are trying to enterprise, just make sure it comes from a reliable and qualified provider.

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