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Hello I’m going to show you a few games that you might consider educational games for your kids. I will start by telling you about a few games that can be played both with physical objects and on a pc or game console, then I will continue to point you to some titles that you can find online on some sites. And there are of course the games that can be played with other kids.

Huludo is a game that you might know better as “Don’t get upset brother” it is a game that you play with peons and a dice it can be played by up to for persons at a time and it can also be played online.

The hide and seek game is a classical game that all the kids have to play it is a really fun game that can be played both indoor and outdoor. For the game to be fun at least 3-4 kids should play it but the more the better. One kid will be picked and he will count to 100 till all the others go and hide and then he has to search for them.

All games of today are considered educational games but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they teach your kid a good behavior or a bad one. Thankfully most games now come with a recommendation on them. They have the minimum age of the kids for which it was designed on them. And some pc or console games even have a parental control system in place.

You can encourage your kid to play logical games that will improve their way of thinking. This can be found both in the physical world and in the digital one. We however recommend you to encourage your kid to play games in the physical world; a nice game that you can play with your kid is Chinese chess.

Nowadays you can find educational games even on your kid’s mobile phone they are often in the form of a quiz game or a memory test that encourages them to remember not only names of certain objects but also locations or historical facts.

Your kid doesn’t have to grow into a couch potato by only playing video games watching Tv. and stuffing himself like a turkey. You can show and explain your kid from the time that he is still young that practicing sport is still a game, an educational game since it educates you to keep your body in shape and it also tells you that no conditioning system is better then the air that you inhale when you go and surf on the ocean waves.

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