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The new video game Deus Ex: Human Revolution was launched recently on the market and it is said that it is a pretty good science fiction game. It was produced by the company by Eidos Montreal and was released on the market by another company called Square Enix. This video game is not the first one of its kind, it is a continuation of the one which was launched in 2000.

The plot of Deus Ex: Human Revolution takes place in 2027 which is actually 25 years after the first game was released in 2000. In the first game corporations want to gain power at such a level that not even the government can touch them. In this new game the actions of Adam Jensen are followed. If you do not know this Adam Jensen is the head chief of a powerful organization called, Sarif Industries. At one point the company is attacked and the chief has to undergo some surgeries because he got injured. Because the damages to his body are so big mechanical elements have to be fused to its body. Looking like this he starts his journey in finding the ones who are responsible for the attack.

In this game Augumentations are used and for this new series the developers incorporated the two Augumentations used in the previous series. During the game you do not experience extreme violence except when you have boss fights.

If you are interested how the game begins then we are here to tell you that it begins with the presence of Adam Jensen at the in Sarif Industries’ Detroit headquarters where he is taking care of the security needed for its appearance at the future a National Science Board. When he gets to the congress he meets his ex-girlfriend Megan Reed who is present there to explain an incredible discovery made by her and her team. The discovery consists of some information regarding the use of augumentation. They found out that people can augumentate themselves freely, without the help or permission of others. During this presentation she is afraid that the people present are going to ask her how she made this discovery.

If you liked what you read than you should try Deus Ex: Human Revolution because it is a very exciting game and allows you to play with others, it offers multi player. Consider this game when you want some action. And if you’d like to find this game’s mobile version, or find similar games for mobile devices, visit and get comprehensive reviews that help you pinpoint the types of games you’d enjoy.

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