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A rangefinder will provide an accurate distance measurement to objects and hazards on the golf course, including the pin. Golf rangefinders are ideal during practice, because you can measure how far the golf ball will go with each club in your bag, not to mention that they can provide a competitive edge during golf games. The Bushnell LRF Bone Collector Edition is a great companion to have on the golf course, because it boasts clear and accurate readings, advanced features and a cool design. If the advanced specs and beautiful camouflage finish are not convincing enough to make you want to purchase this Bushnell golf range finder, the affordable price will definitely help.



  • 20 mm objective
  • 4x magnification
  • IR laser with eye-safety
  • 10-100 yards range
  • ± 1 yard accuracy
  • intuitive operation
  • camouflage finish
  • battery power indicator
  • waterproof


The advantages


The Michael Waddell Bone Collector Edition Laser Rangefinder is a robust rangefinder you can use with many occasions. The main advantage of this distance measuring device is its simple, sleek and intuitive design. The rangefinder has only one button and you do not require technical knowledge or experience in using a rangefinder to operate it. Besides its user-friendly design, another advantage this device offers is the fact that you can use it when it’s raining outside. Thanks to its waterproof housing, you can rest assured that your device will function properly during bad weather conditions. The 21 mm objective and 4x magnification are superior to numerous rangefinders available on the dedicated market, so it can offer an incredible ± 1 precision and a 600 yards range. Relative small in size and lightweight, the Bushnell LRF Bone Collector Edition can be easily carried around the golf course. The rangefinder is also equipped with a smart display that allows users clearly see the information getting displayed irrespective of the light conditions, which makes the device ideal for year-round use.


The disadvantages


This rangefinder is not designed specifically for golfing, so those interested in purchasing a device created to meet the specific needs of a golf player might get disappointed. Its ease of use and straightforward functionality can be considered an advantage, but there are people who prefer receiving a more detailed analysis and mapping of the court, in which case they would require a different type of rangefinder.


Final Impression


All in all, the Bushnell Laser Rangefinder Bone Collector Edition is a great acquisition for golf players that are looking for a small, lightweight device that works well in any wheatear conditions and provides accurate distance measures. Keep in mind that this rangefinder does not have mapping capabilities. Rangefinders are useful tools on the golf course, because they can help you get the desired shot faster. Normally, you would need to waste a few shots to make an estimation of the distance until the pin, but you can eliminate the trial and error with a good rangefinder like Bushnell Laser Rangefinder Bone Collector Edition, which can provide an accurate distance measurement up to 600 yards.


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