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All fans of Batman games can celebrate because Batman: Arkham City was launched this year. This sequel of the games is an action adventure game like all the other and it is based on the DC Comics superhero Batman. The game was developed by non-other than Rocksteady Studios who designed a very interactive game meant to be played on PlayStation 3, Windows Microsoft and Xbox 360. This version was released by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment starting with North America.

The story of Arkham City was written by a famous comic book author called Paul Dini. He starts out with a main plot leaving room for other sub plots to be formed. In the Batman: Arkham City the main plot is focused on the imprisonment of Batman in Arkham City. The prison where he is kept is very big, so big that it has its own industrial districts, Gotham landmarks and iconic places. All that Batman has to do in this game is make sure that is this location no bad things are being done, he has to keep his eye on the Joker and stop him before he does something terrible. Because it was so remarkably made the game was named one of the best video games in 2011.

In this game you have to use both predator tactics and stealth elements. All the elements and features which were present in the first game are also present in this version. One thing which has been introduced this year is the capability of the player to enter a police data base and track some investigations across the city. You also have the possibility to use a tracking network and to intercept conversations.

As you can see the new Batman: Arkham City which was launched this year has not disappointed its fans which means that sales are going to run perfect. All the features and element with which the developers have accustomed us are present and the overall quality of the game has not changed. The game was first launched in September 2011 in North America and later on in Australia and Europe.  Actually in Australia the game was available two days earlier than it was originally announced.  The video game was made to run on Windows Microsoft, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. If you are a fan of batman and of batman games than you should buy this one if you did not buy it already.

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