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A great game which every player should have is A Game of Thrones: Genesis because it has all the elements that make you play for hours and not get bored. This game is like the title of a magazine for naked women, it draws your attention. It draws your attention instantly; your mind goes directly to George R.R. Martin´s bestsellers and the screening done by HBO.

Unfortunately, the game A Game of Thrones: Genesis is just a budget game, with extreme and interesting ideas, but with a very weak deployment. A title with potential because there are a lot of games which allow the use of diplomacy, but just as an alternative and not as a game play condition without which it cannot be.

The accent is put on diplomacy, pretenses and betrayals because these are the exact elements which prevail in the books also. Betrayal, bribery, marital alliances, assassinations and the sweet talk of secret agreements form the biggest part of the game, far from the classic ideas of real time strategies founded on workers which are collectors of resources or on forming an army and destroying the military base which is placed on the other side of the map. In all of the campaign the only place that you can call your property is the Feudal Home.

When you declare war and you start fighting that is the moment when you most feel the lack of a structured command system, of one similar to the  well-known strategies from Total War. The animation is pathetic, and once the conflict has started any diplomatic option disappears as if it never was. Since the price rises after you have bought your first army it becomes quite hard to build a serious and tough army.

Assuming that you have a lot of patience because you are a big fan of the movie and books, the story does not offer major events which you can control. What is interesting is told in the text after the end of each mission.

It is a pity because A Game of Thrones: Genesis could have been a genius strategy. The diplomatic ideas are excellent but it needs at least a deployment as good as the one provided by the Total War in order to be used at their full potential. Unfortunately, the lack of options from the interfaces and the battles do nothing but scare of the players which are passionate about strategies.

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